The mission of the Intercontinetal Miners Inc are a to become the most reliable gold miners that creates value for all of our stakeholders through responsible mining. Management strives to act as a responsible corporate miners by building projects together with the communities near our operations and by committing to using best available techniques as we carry out our actions. We aim to achieve benefits for all parties involved and to contribute to the sustainability and improved livelihoods for the communities in which we operate. Mining responsibly defines who we are as a company and drives our way of doing business.

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INTERCONTINETAL MINERS INC Cameroon remain your best Gold mining company, we fucos and providing high quality Gold, Diamond and Copper to our reliable clients Worldwide.

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INTERCONTINETAL MINERS INC Cameroon does mine gold in all its forms, we are also engage into other sectors of the mining department as can be see in our Products list, all our clients are always welcomed to visit and buy directly form our office or contact us on contact. INTERCONTINETAL MINERS INC is no doubt one of the top Gold mining companies in Cameroon and Africa at large. Our hospitality and prompt delivery has made us stand as one of the most reliable and outstanding mining company in Africa. Buy Gold Bar, Nuggets and Dust Online from us.

Why Us

Intercontinetal Miners Inc,are group of miners that strives for a better production unrefined Gold in the form of dust, Bars and Nuggets also we are miners and exporters of Copper as well as raw uncut diamonds. We would like to use this opportunity to let you all know that we control the mines from which these precious commodities are gotten.

Been based in Cameroon doesn’t stop our expansion into other countries around the African teritory like Congo, Guinea, Tanzania, Kenya etc, We are an indigenous artisanal mining company registered and operating since 2007 and specializes in mining of non-ferrous metal like gold and dealing primarily in gold dust and gold bars. We own and control several mining sites within Cameroon and Africa at large that all produces large quantity of precious metals and other communities of the Eastern and Central Africa. Buy from the Inercontinetal Miners Inc and be sure to get it all well done, stress fress and scam free.

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This has been a very difficult thing in soem few years now due to the high rate of fraudsters online. The Intercontinetal Miners Inc is bringing to you the most reliable and sure means of buying and taking your Gold out of Cameroon and Africa at large.

Government Policies

The Cameroon government that stands same time as the headquarters of the CEMAC Zone on Central Africa has placed secure mesures as can been see in click to see. After the placing of these measures, we have been able to limit and track down more than half of these fraudulent activies online.


Our gold standard gained improvement from 2008 when we got engaged into exportation of Gold and Precious Metals in the in Mining sector, since after the first British implementation of gold standard, till presnt date, Britain enacted the “gold standard bill,” the official identified in the system administration, become the basis for the British monetary system, to the nineteenth century when Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United States, France, Russia, Japan and other countries implemented the gold standard.

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